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Mark Nilcholson Inc

About Us

Kurt Nicholson, manager and owner of Mark Nicholson Inc. is the third generation to carry on this Family construction business. He learned alongside Mark and Larry, his grandfather and father. The Company was started by Kurt’s grandfather, Mark Nicholson and managed in turn by Kurt’s father Larry Nicholson. Kurt’s grandfathers spirit is alive and well in the standards and principles of the company he founded. Mark Nicholson began by going door to door, offering to do whatever construction work might be needed. In the 1940’s he worked for Henry J Kaiser Company doing defense related construction work. After the war he continued working in construction and in 1952 formed Mark Nicholson Inc. which handled general building projects. For the last 25 years we have focused on grading, paving, and wet utilities.

Larry studied civil engineering at UC Berkeley and San Jose State. He came to work alongside his dad and eventually took over day to day managements.

Kurt grew up learning the business from his grandfather, and at one time there were three generations Working side by side.

Today Mark Nicholson Inc. concentrates on site work-grading, paving, wet utilities primarily.

Kurt’s philosophy is his business is based on a time-honored belief in people, and in the importance of delivering quality products to customers. We take pride in what we do and what to know that we have done the right thing. We put in the extra time and attention to make it perfect for our customers. We have experienced crews who have been with us forever and know how to do things right. We are clearly a family oriented business, many of Mark Nicholson Inc.’s crews have been with us for ten to thirty years.